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Beauty Secrets

by Lahiru Dilan 01 Sep 2022

- Hi Vogue. I'm Kate Moss. and I'm here to walk you through my beauty secrets. I'm very excited to tell you about my new brand. It's called Cosmoss and we have done a tea. It wakes you up. It's good for our alkalizing your system, and instead of lemon water, which is apparently very bad for your teeth, it's delicious. Then I light my candle. This is a rose quartz candle. It just brings peace and calm to the start of my day. So I like this. Somebody approached me after he heard about my change in lifestyle. I've been meditating, doing yoga, just being much healthier. And I was really interested because that's what I was doing in my life. I was taking better care of myself. I was trying new things, all of this stuff that can make you feel more grounded and balanced. So, that's what I wanted to bring to my products. This is my cleanser. I'm just gonna work into my skin and my neck. And then I'll wash that off. After cleansing, I like to use a bit of rose water. So this one's from Santa Maria Novella. All their products are beautiful. This is bit toning, and it just feels like it's tightening the skin and removing any excess from the cleanser. Also, I heard recently that if you put a little rose water on a cotton pad and leave it on your eyes, it takes any heat from them, like burning sensations. Anyway, I've been doing the Cosmoss moisturizer, and it's made from oakmoss as well with CBD. It's very healing. Friends of mine that I gave it to who have eczema or who are allergic to smells, it's a very delicate smell, but it's really nice and they can all use it.

So, I was very happy about that feedback. Then I want to use the magic tool. It's good for the lymphatic drainage. I learned about the gua sha at work, and they would do it to me at work just before they started putting the makeup on with a bit of moisturizer. Then we'd always do this. This is new to my regime, sunscreen. My daughter tells me off all the time. Mommy, you have to wear sunscreen. I do know it's important. This is Leneige. Lila told me about it. It's a sleep mask, but it's so good. Lila probably has more of a skin routine than I do, but she's very good at makeup and things. So now I'd use the Golden Nectar. You can ingest Mm. It has a blackberry CBD, which is good for everything, as we know, the inflammatories. It just makes you less stressed. Your skin's less stressed 'cause you can also use it on your skin. It has collagen, which is vegan. It's made from a plant in Greece, and it's called the tears of eels, which I thought just sounded magical in itself. So you can put it on your hands, on your skin, anywhere on your body, basically. I put it there, and then on your face at night. On to makeup. So, I use two different colors of concealer 'cause I'm darker at the moment. I'd have to say I'm not very high maintenance When it comes to doing my own makeup. If I go out on a night, then I'll do, you know, I'll put more on obviously, but do an eye. But during the day I keep it pretty basic. Then I would use a lighter one under my eyes.

I've always liked makeup, but I was kind of from the days of grunge, so it was a bit black eyeliner and then some lipstick, like patted on the cheek. Now I'm a bit more adventurous. I kind of use a shadow, you know, under eyes and lots of mascara, like when I go out. I like this. It's a bronzer. So when I was young and I started doing shows, I would sit down to have my makeup done. And then I saw all the other models kind of going off to the bathroom. And I was, I thought, what are they doing? And I followed them in and they were retouching their own makeup, which I didn't know how to do at the time. But the girls would change the whole face. That would definitely not happen now. You'd get so much trouble. If you put an eyebrow on and you weren't meant to have an eyebrow or change the lip color, and, yeah, the girls used to do that lot. Then I would curl my eyelashes. When I first started modeling, my beauty icon was Christy Turlington. And then I was lucky enough to become friends with her. And she really is beautiful inside and out. I use this little eyebrow wand, 'cause I don't really have that many. I just fill in a bit of the gaps. I would put on a lip tint. Then before I go out of the door, I would use this. It is Sam McKnight's hair product, Cool Girl, which he said he made for me, 'cause my hair was always a little bit shabby looking. Smells amazing. Oh yeah. So before I get dressed

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