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How To Find Your Skin Type - Tamil Beauty Tips

by Lahiru Dilan 01 Sep 2022

None of the products is suitable for my skin type. Even If it suits I couldn't find whether it is effective. Choosing the skin product is secondary. First step is to find our skin type. I am going to explain about the four major skin types and a special skin type. So that you can check your skin type after watching the video. You will get effective results only if you know your skin type and select the products accordingly. First I will explain about oily skin which is also my skin type. You can easily find oily skin because your nose, chin, forehead becomes greasy often.

To confirm the results do the following test before bedtime. Wash your face before bedtime and sleep without applying any cream on your face. Don't worry about skipping your skincare because its just one day. You can also skip applying oil on your hair and don't apply any products on your face. It will be better if you sleep without Air Conditioner as it makes your skin dry. Next day morning you can see that your skin is oily. We can feel proud that we don't get wrinkles soon and ageing process will be slow. If you have dry skin you will have patchy skin and needs extra care in winter season. Next skin type is combination skin which is a combination of oily and dry skin.

T - zone will be oily and the other parts of the face will be dry. Their skin conditions change according to the climate and region they live in. People with normal skin are the most gifted ones Because their skin won't be too oily or too dry and they will be always fresh. Most of the products will be suitable for them If you couldn't confirm that you have normal check your hands and legs skin type. The final special skin type is sensitive skin type. Their skin are prone to allergies, rashes etc while using products or DIYs too. It is better to visit a dermatologist, get a suitable sunscreen for your skin type. My personal opinion is to avoid trying new products on your skin.

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