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Talking about Fashion and Style: 25 Adjectives to Speak About Clothing | Amexza Clothing Store

by Lahiru Dilan 04 Sep 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Olesya and today we will talk about clothes and fashion. You will pick up some useful vocabulary for how to talk about clothes and fashion. And you will know how to start small talk. We will discuss some grammar: What tense to use?

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Present Simple or Present Continuous, when we speak about outfit and fashion? I will give you some idioms about clothes. And at the end of the video, you will hear some people talking about clothes and fashion. How they answer my questions. And don't forget to test yourself.

Let's get started! The question what to wear can be stressful to anyone. The clothes we put on every day tells the story who we are to the world and can have a major impact on our emotions and mood. Psychologists see a strong link between clothing and mood state, and suggest we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness even when feeling low. Talking about clothes we often use the word fashion or style.

Both words: fashion and style are used to talk about things that are popular at a certain point in time. They can refer to clothing as well as other trends, like: music, furniture, or activities. These platform shoes are really in fashion right now. Or you may also say those platform shoes are in right now. I think long dresses are in style these days.

The flannel shorts will never go out of style. If something is no longer popular you can say: it has gone out of style. In my opinion animal print has gone out of style or go out of fashion. Will jeans ever go out of fashion? We also use the word "style" to talk about person individual taste in clothing.

I like his style, he always wears nice ties. How can you describe your current style? Formal or classic, casual or business casual, vintage, edgy, sporty or old-fashioned. I'm going to give you some synonyms to speak about clothes you wear. You can use the words: "outfit", "attire" or "apparel".

I'm pretty sure jeans are appropriate attire for school. I feel so silly in this outfit. If you're looking for fancy apparel for a Halloween party you'd better choose this witch dress. If you want to study clothing vocabulary I would recommend the easiest way to do it. Visit online stores, you may go to any website for online shopping, and see what terms are used for the clothing items.

In case you don't understand the word you can just click it and see the picture and everything becomes clear right away. Small talk is very popular in the United States it's a light informal conversation, usually between people who hardly know each other. People talk everywhere: when they're waiting for the cashier, in the line, in a doctor's or dentist waiting room. And it's a good idea to start small talk with a compliment. I always give compliments when I see something that I like.

For example, I'm crazy about shoes and I can say: Oh! I love your shiny high heels. Your shoes look really good with your outfit. You can say: "Your jacket is chic or elegant! " "Your necklace is glamorous or sleek".

Or you look majestic or sophisticated. Now I'm going to give you some more adjectives to describe the outfit. Some of them have more or less neutral meaning. Her wedding dress is sweet and classy. Mango is a fast fashion retailer from Spain, that has a huge variety of trendy and classic designs.

Your green dress with floral print is so fresh and adorable. Your makeup looks so natural. That is a groovy pullover you're wearing. Did you knit it yourself? How to accept compliments in different countries?

We react the compliments differently. How about your country? How do people usually accept the compliments? So, the best response to the compliment is a simple and gracious "Thank you". And you may also add something.

For instance, when you hear: "I like your shoes". You may say: "Oh! Thank you, I bought them recently, they are so comfortable. Or I'm glad or I am pleased you like it. Look how kids react to compliments on the Ellen Degenere"s show.

Hi Sam! Hi, I like your outfit. I like your pants. You got little cars on them and you got matching outfits with your dad. It's a good outfit.

Nice to meet you, pleasure, that's a very cool outfit! Thank you very much! Oh, look at your cute little outfit. I love that you have little stars all over your skirt. And you have little sparkly bows in your hair.

Thank you! You're welcome! It's a compliment. Yes, it's adorable! "Scruffy" means old dirty and messy.

He dressed in scruffy clothes to do gardening. "Slouchy" means soft not tight, fitting in shape. For example: a slouchy sweater. " Sloppy" clothes are large loose and do not look neat. At home I prefer to wear big sloppy sweaters and jeans.

"Posh" means expensive and high quality. For example: a posh restaurant, a posh hotel. Your fancy shoes are posh and fashionable. "Lavish" means expensive and impressive. A lavish gift, a lavish lifestyle, lavish furniture.

She received lavish gifts of jewelry and clothes. " Ritzy" means expensive and fashionable. That's a ritzy dress. GRAMMAR. To talk about clothes and fashion, you can use any tense.

You can speak in Present, Future or Past. For example: Fashion stylists say a new year may bring a wave of pink pieces to wardrobes and runways. In this sentence we use Present Simple. Fashion stylists predict that pink will be a really popular color in 2021. In this sentence we use Future Simple.

Fashion stylists mentioned that sportswear became the daily uniform for most people. This sentence is in Past Simple. We use Present Simple for facts and truth. Every woman knows that Coco Chanel's famous style is a little black dress. Present Simple is also used to talk about habits and things that we do regularly.

I prefer to wear casual style to classic one. For prominent situations. Part jacket, part shirt the "shacket" is the ideal to wear on its own for a chilly day. For a regular activity. When the weather is warm women could go for a summer dress, a skirt and a shirt or long pants with a top.

We use Present Continuous for things that are happening at the time we are speaking. High waisted jeans are gaining popularity at the moment. We use Present Progressive for activities that are in progress. A lot of bloggers are starting to wear Australian designs. We are starting to see retailers move from older tight fitting styles to more loose and relaxing feed pants.

"Caught with one's pants down". It means to be unprepared or you are caught unprepared for a situation. For example: The English test caught me with my pants down. I thought it was scheduled for the next week and it was extremely difficult. The next idiom is: " Off the cuff".

Cuff is a part of sleeve, closest to the hand. The idiom means: to say something without planning, to be not prepared in advance. For example, I didn't have a speech prepared, everything I said was off the cuff. Or she has a habit of making of the cuff remarks. The next idiom is "Roll up one sleeves: means to do or get ready to do something difficult.

We have a long day ahead so let's roll up our sleeves and get started. How much time do you spend getting ready to go to school or work? I suppose, it depends on how nice I like to look. Sometimes, I just want to roll out of bed and get ready in 10 minutes. And then leave to go to class, but if I'm doing something like going to see friends, or something like that.

Then I'll spend maybe 30 minutes to an hour, getting ready and doing my makeup 45 minutes. All in all, it takes no more than 30 minutes. I spend between 30 to 40 minutes getting ready for work. About 20 minutes. How much time do you spend in front of the mirror in the morning?

Like I said, if i don't care, then I won't even look at myself throughout the entire day. But if I'm trying to look nice, then I'll spend those 30 minutes doing my makeup. And then maybe periodically throughout the day, I'll go look make sure everything is all nice. About 15, probably half of my getting ready time. So 15 to 20 minutes.

Probably, less than a minute. What items of clothing are uncomfortable? Corsets, but they look cute. So it's worth it. High heel shoes.

So as a woman, I find extremely uncomfortable high heels. I will not wear high heels. I would say my least favorite items is jeans. Well, I hate wearing tight dresses. I also don't like dresses that are not made out of natural fabric.

What does the word fashion mean to you? Oh, fashion is a very important. medium of self-expression to many women out there, including me. And sometimes they do it just to look nice for themselves. Sometimes they may dress to look nice for other people, but as long as they're happy I think it's good current trend.

What is in style now. So for me fashion is a form of art. It's a form of expressing a person's individuality. I think, fashion can be a way to express yourself. It's like an art form, so you pick and wear things that kind of reflect your personality.

I think, fashion is putting some kind of clothes on, that makes you feel you. When was the last time you bought something new to wear? I almost did last night. It was on Etsy searching for edgy bracelets. Probably, last week.

I just recently bought something for myself, it's my new fitbit, so i can keep track of my activity and make sure I don't stay sitting too long. Do you choose clothes because they're fashionable, comfortable or on sale? I'd say a mixture of if. They're fashionable and they're on sale. On sale!

I'm a bargain hunter. I love a good bargain. I choose clothes based on what I like in terms of what I think looks good. Not necessarily what's high fashion or not in fashion.

I pick clothes cause a little bit of everything.

I like them to be fashionable and comfortable.

I work behind, I work on video conferencing a lot.

So I make sure my top half looks fashionable and I'm comfortable on the bottom, and I'm warm.

If I happen to be cold but it's a little of everything, usually comfortable and to my liking.

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