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Women Wear Early 2000s Fashion For A Day | Amexza Women's Clothing Store

by Lahiru Dilan 02 Sep 2022

Women Wear Early 2000s Fashion For A Day | Amexza Clothing Store

- When I think of the early 2000s, I remember being in middle school and just how that was such an awkward time (laughs). (rock music) I was in middle school and I was very angsty and discovering who I was as a person. - I think of like, all the horrible tracksuit bottoms. - I think of my favorite music. Early Destiny's Child, JLo, Ashanti, Ja Rule. My favorite era of music to this day. - There was a lot of questionable fashion choices. - The celebrity that I looked up to in the early 2000s was Avril Lavigne because she was this super fierce and edgy girl.

- The first CD that I ever had in my life was a JLo CD and I was obsessed with it. And I was obsessed with her. - What I was wearing in the early 2000s, I wouldn't necessarily call fashion, but I think I saw people like Gwen Stefani and was like, "Oh my God, she's so cool! " Okay, let's do it! (laughs) (punk rock music) (upbeat music) (laughter) When I was putting on these clothes, I was laughing. These are some crazy bold choices. - I didn't think I could pull this off, and it actually doesn't look that bad, so I feel like a badass (laughs). - Feeling really nervous.

This is a lot more skin than I'm used to showing. - Every new item, I was like, "Oh, I guess that this is going on my body. " - Okay, so let's rock and roll and stuff. - Right when I saw you, I was like, "JLo? " - At the beginning, I was definitely feeling really self conscious, but as the day went on, I just kind of like, I was like, this is what I'm wearing for the next two hours and that's it. - Oh my God! - Looks good. - Only one person knew I was Avril.

I think that most people just thought I was dressing like a tomboy. - Afro who? (mumbling) - Avril Lavigne. - Avril Lavigne? - Sk8er Boi. - I don't know who that is. I know Afroman. - [Enny] They were like, "Oh, this is a cool new look.

" - I'm about to walk into my meeting (laughs) dressed like this. - I like your outfit. - [Auri] (laughs) Hi. - What's up, Auri? - Hello world. - Changing up your look, huh? - Yeah (laughs). People were shocked and disappointed in me, yeah.

But I enjoyed that. - Ahh, Auri, I think you look beautiful, whatever you wanna do. I have opinions and concerns. - I'm about to walk into the other office right now and I'm a little nervous about what my team is going to think. - I feel like I should behave more when I'm with you. - I'm just sippin' on chamomile. - You look like a chola from my neighborhood. - [Isabel] Aw, thank you.

- Yeah, (speaking foreign language) what's up? - I see that tie and I see those exposed boxers. - It actually made me realize that I would like to dress a little masculine. - What the hell am I looking at? - I think, obviously, this is not appropriate workplace attire. - It's just weird to see that you're wearing a bikini top over your outfit. Very sexual, but also very badass, so I'm like very confused, and your face is 1950s, so like, I don't know what's going on. It's like wholesome, and then down there, I'm like.

- One thing I did notice is that fashion has really changed. - Yeah, this is Avril's prime. - [Camera girl] It's Gwen Stefani in the flesh! Oh my goodness, Gwen! (Auri laughs) - It was a lot better than I expected. People didn't seem to have the reactions I thought they would. - Stop, I love that! (Isabel laughs) JLo!

- I don't have to be completely dressed the way I normally would to still feel like myself and to still be confident. - I feel like a lot of the trends in the early 2000s are not necessarily something we'd be wanting to wear today. But it's so fun. - I might feel like JLo tomorrow when I'm wearing my own clothes, and it's something that makes me more comfortable. This is what made her comfortable, and made her feel sexy. If I find the perfect outfit for me then I can feel more like JLo. - Every time I need to wash my hands I have to take this off.

Slightly inconvenient.

Women Wear Early 2000s Fashion For A Day | Amexza Clothing StoreWomen Wear Early 2000s Fashion For A Day | Amexza Clothing Store

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