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Laser Massage Comb Hair Brush Comb Massage Equipment Comb Hair Growth Care Treatment Hair Brush Grow Laser Hair Loss Therapy

Applicable crowd: suitable for hair follicle obstruction, hair root malnutrition, hair loss caused by brain overuse


1. Accelerate the blood circulation of scalp and promote metabolism. Laser can help improve blood circulation, so that oxygen and nutrition can be sent to hair follicles, to prevent hair loss.

2. Small power laser stimulation of hair follicles can effectively stimulate hair follicles and improve the immunity of hair follicles. It can activate 83% of the hair follicles in hibernation into active phase, so as to reduce hair loss and regenerate hair.

3. Regulating the function of oil secretion, excessive oil secretion is also the cause of hair loss. Excessive oil secretion is caused by swelling of sebaceous glands. The hair follicles will shrink or even atrophy due to the excessive accumulation of dihydro-allantoic acid (OH-butyl) and linoleic acid, which will eventually lead to hair loss. Low power laser can reduce sebum line, reduce and control oil secretion, and improve hair loss.

4. To promote scalp health, low-power laser irradiation of scalp hair follicles can accelerate hair growth, and enhance the tightness, density and elasticity of hair itself, make hair dark and shiny.

Usage method:

1. Press on/key on, when there are acupuncture, ozone, infrared output, the center of the affected area as a reference point, please put the ozone emission site in the affected area for 5 to 10 seconds.

2. After the middle part completes the course of treatment, please move the reference point of ozone emission site back by 1 cm and press it for 5 to 10 seconds.

3. Press intensively for about 10 minutes to stimulate all the affected areas.


1. Laser hair comb is the latest method to treat hair loss. The principle is to penetrate the deepest layer of subscalp cells through soft laser (red and far red) to accelerate blood circulation, regulate endocrine and improve hair quality. In addition to inhibiting hair loss, it can make hair grow again.

2. The product can be used for 5 to 10 minutes each time, once or twice a week to achieve the maximum effect. Generally, after three weeks, the phenomenon of hair loss will improve, and the hair loss area will begin to show signs of young hair growth. After three months of treatment, thicker and thicker new hair will grow.



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Hair Brush Comb Equipment Comb Hair Growth

Regular price $21.78